Finn - A Puppy from Kirra and Legend

'Finn' a lovely male puppy from our Kirra x Legend litter went to live with the Lewis family of Turramurra, Audrey and her children came to collect him and took him back to live with their family and here is a short note and photo sent on 15/3/2009.

Hi Danny and Jim

Apologies for not being in touch sooner but life is soooo busy with our third 'child'-Finn. He is just adorable and has settled into life in Turramurra well. When we picked him up he was just fantastic on the journey home and adored his cuddles from the girls. Erin the youngest was the one who I was a bit hesitant with however she is his soul mate and they are inseperable it's so cute. I caught her playing with him in his kennel the other day so funny. He certainly feels at home as his favorite place if no one is looking is on the sofa he is such a chancer and he knows it too. There is not a person who walks by without stopping to admire him we have even had a lady get out of her car at the traffic lights, the other day to come and give him a cuddle, holding up the traffic whilst she did so.

He has started dog socialisation classes and he adores it as it's in a dog trainers very large back garden and there are a few puppies the same age but his mate is a gorgeous Vizsla you would think they are long lost brothers they have so much fun together.

Thanks guys for breeding such a wonderful dog.

Best wishes

The Lewis Family


The bold boy-Finn with his soul sisters

The bold boy-Finn with his soul sisters