Kaiser July 2008

Kaiser - Somerford Kaiser Willy went to live in Singapore on 24th July 2008. 

Kaiser is a beautiful weimaraner puppy. Kaiser will live with Amrita and Arjun, his new owners in Singapore. At the time of writing this he is already settling into his new home and getting used to the different climate. Living on the equator is a big difference from beginning life in middle of winter here in Australia. 

Amrita and Arjun are thrilled with this little guy and they will have him trained and he will be seen in the show ring in Singapore. I'm sure he will be a great asset to the current bloodlines in Singapore. 

Kaiser will have a brother not too far away as 'Ozzie' his litter mate will be arriving in Jakarta Indonesia in  a couple of weeks time. The vaccination protocols are a little more stringent in Indonesia so his departure has been delayed until all his vaccinations are complete. 

Here is our first letter from Kaiser. ( thanks to Amrita) notice I'm only Uncle Jim now????? written  2 days after he arrived in Singapore. 

Dear Uncle Jim 

- They took over 2 hours to clear me after the flight landed in Singapore, but I didn't complain. 
- Despite the fact that I was quite scared, there was no whining or crying at all. 
- I've stayed alone in my yellow bed and in fact I like it quite a bit. ( I do get up and make 6 outings during the night though)....Last night I tried to get on to the bed a couple of times but they didn't let me. (I'm sure if I keep trying they will give in) 
- I ate liver treats the first night, and then 2 meals the next day, and 2 on Sunday which is today -- this morning I even ate a chicken neck, two small drumsticks and some wing meat ! 
- I have shown that I can sit and come (when I want to). 
- I am training my new mommie well...to give me biscuits in my bed, in fact I'm working on getting her to hand feed me my meals right now..., 
I miss you folks. 

Love Kaiser 
PS - Get that Addiction Dog Food for the gang there in Australia...its yum. Will send some photos soon. ....my new mommie wants to write now... 

Hi Jim 

The AVA clearance was a breeze, but the cargo people in Singapore deserve a reprimand -- they kept saying they couldn't find him !! Anyway, I had the crate door open and fed him liver treats and after a bit of coaxing we got him out once we got home (-- he didn't want to leave the crate..) 

He seems to be eating fine, (1/2 a cup kibble and about 100 gms protein with egg etc) but hardly seems to drink any water -- even when we lead him to it. I gave him iced chicken stock which he yummed up though this afternoon. 

We have a long way to go on house training him, especially that out is ok, and in is not....! He goes out, but comes back and does his business. Still, 3 times out today so we are making progress. 

He sleeps with his head on a downward slope so its on the floor which was leading to a snoring kind of sound....the sound got us a bit scared last night. 

He's been very scared, but is slowly coming into his own. Hardly a bark but no crying -- submissive when you approach his bed, and slowly wagging his tail more and more -- the sight of the first wag when I called his name while he was in the crate and he had won my heart ! He has had both of us at his beck and call all weekend so I guess he can't complain... 

SO far its been continuous time with him, and he seems to get anxious when we leave the room. He's been really scared of the stairs in the house but today he climbed 3 floors to find me !!! I'm scared of him going down the stairs alone though as he can slip.....guess its just time and confidence. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY......we ADORE him ! I don't know whether its him sticking to me or the other way round !!! 

Will send you pics, but Kaiser is right.....you should be proud ! He's so handsome, and yet curously gentle and loving ...I hope to train him into the superstar I think he is !! 

With a hug, ( photo's to come.) 



Gday Uncle Jim, 

Thought I would send you a few pictures taken of me -- actually there are several... 

They are now trying very hard to get me to stay in my crate all night without breaks...I used to enjoy trying to make them play at 3 am !! I quite like the kennel thing since my bed has been moved in there and so is my ducky, and sometimes other food stuff. BUT, not when the door is shut on me....I have to train them better since the last time she kept me there for almost an hour while she was reading or something. So sometimes I try and get the treat out quickly before the door is shut !! Yup, keeping em on their toes .... 

I had salmon for the first time yesterday -- chunks of it with rice and grated carrots. WOW, I loved it ! 
Wags and sniffs, say woof to the gang. Kaiser