Luka (Nov 2007)


Marika's family live in Country NSW and they purchased the wonderful Mr........ 'LUKA'


Luka is a male puppy from our last litter in 2007 and his parents are:
'Holly' - Ashlaren Xtra Special (AI) and 'Oska' - Lux.Ch. EUR. Ch. FNL. Ch. Aust. Ch Ashlaren Caprioska. 
Luka was always destined to be with children, he loves to play, is adventurous and very gentle. 
Marika's children love spending time with their gentle natured little guy. 
From the day he was born Luka was special and loved playing with his siblings and was always a giver.

Here is what Marika had to say:

Hi Jim

We are all well and Luka is adorable, I have been meaning to download some photo's and send to you but of course my batteries are flat so will do on the weekend. I have a beautiful photo of him the day he came home.

Luka has been the most wonderful addition, he has the most beautiful personality. He has not made a noise of a night and is happy to go to his bed (which is the laundry). The girls adore him, Kyra is great with him and he listens to her, Chloe wants him to be one of her babies and I think he sees her more as a littermate to play with.

We went for a short walk up the lane last weekend, it took an hour, everyone who drove past, walked by, was taken with him. He greets everyone enthusiastically and even the noisy small dog didn't phase him at all.

Jim, I can't thank you enough for letting us give Luka a home he is wonderful. The last few days he must be feeling very at home and is starting to be playful and exploring the gardens and our yard.

How has everything been with you the last week, how are the other puppies going?

Forgive me for my delay in letting you know how we are going, I wanted to send down some photos. So will do that on the weekend.

Take care

The wonderful Mr Luka

The wonderful Mr Luka

Sleepy with flies on the end of his nose.....

Sleepy with flies on the end of his nose.....