Ruby 2008

Good Morning Jim & Danny!

Thank you so much for our beautiful little girl…..RUBY.

We picked her up last night at about 11.00pm from Terry & Toni (very nice people). By the time we got back home it was about 12.30am ….. so “RUBY” was very exhausted. She ate some mince at about 2.30am and again at 6.30am but hasn’t drank much, weeing & pooing fine though!

She was a bit shy of us all to start with but is feeling more settle now. The kids have been very good with her, being gentle & using their quieter voices until she is feeling more settled.

I have attached some photos from this morning of her with the kids (trying to let her have her much needed sleep)

Thanks again & we will keep in touch.


& Paul, Josh, Molly, Rhys & Ruby!!!!

PS…..thanks for her blanket, what a great idea….I’m sure she’ll sleep with it forever (until it’s chewed to bits anyway!)
First Night - in the morning.

First Night - in the morning.