Ryder 2009

Ryder is a male puppy from our last litter of 2008. He is from Legend and Kirra.

Here is an email update from his new owner a local from our own area:

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say a quick "Thankyou" to yourself and Danny for my beautiful puppy - Ryder, who is now just over 4 months old.

He is such a great dog, so well behaved....for a puppy! only a few holes in the yard and he hasn't destroyed anything...YET! he is way too spoiled with toys and bones to worry about plants or furniture.

He loves it when we get visitors, he goes crazy and wants all the attention (not that he has to fight anyone for it). He loves getting pats and still tries to cuddle up on my lap but he is so big its almost at the point where we just don't fit on the outdoor chairs together. He is still very playful, super clumsy and really cheeky! I get plenty of laughs out him that's for sure.

He now knows how to sit, stay, lay down and come and I can let him out of the yard and off the lead (at the beach) without him running away, which is always good.

He loves rides in the car and goes pretty much everywhere with me, including family dinners and visiting friends (not sure how much longer he will fit in my little Toyota Yaris though...haha!)

We go down to either Horseshoe beach or along the breakwall almost every afternoon and he LOVES playing and socialising with other people and of course all of the dogs he meets.
Whenever we are out in public (no matter where) people always stop me to ask what breed he is ALWAYS comment on his big ears, blue eyes and amazing coat!

He is turning out to be a great dog and a FANTASTIC companion! So thankyou so much!

I've attached some photo's for you...

Catch up with you soon...

Renae & (the very spoiled) Mr Ryder.