Hi Jim,  

Sorry for not giving you news before - I got pretty busy with this young guy here. 
We had a nice trip back, he is feeding fine and the first night was difficult not because he cried but because he wakes up often and jumps to play. I guess while with his brothers and sisters there, they probably play during the night. 

I only have two problems and I need to hear from you about them:  

1) Is it normal that he eats just everything in the yard, including snails, cement? We are afraid to leave him longer in the yard, even for toilet needs, because he just doesn't stop eating whatever he finds. 

2) When we feed him with lamb, mince meat, etc should it be raw as well, like the chicken?  

When eating mince meat and lamb, he did not like raw so I quickly boiled a bit in the microwave but should I insist on raw or can I give him half cooked? 

Once again thanks for all and for taking such good care of our Schatzi so much that he is here with us today.  

Here we send his first picture at home, on his playing mattress. He has got also his bed and enjoyed it very much. 

Kind regards, 


Hi Jim, 
How are you doing? 
It has been such a long time that I do not write you so I have decided to send few lines to let you know that our Schatzi turned to be a very beautiful, naughty dog. 
Honestly speaking, if I had done my research properly I might not have gotten a Weimaraner however once you have one, you simply fall in love for him. 
He is still the baby of the house and can have his way around easily; we are found of him. 
He is now 11 months and is doing fine. He is really the literal meaning of his name: a treasure. We enjoy him a lot, even his "dominant actions". 
I keep on remembering that you match owners/puppy personalities and I tell my husband I did not know I could be so stubborn at a times, as my dear Schatzi. 
I am sending some photos for you. 
Send my regards to Danny and hope you all doing very well. 

Kindest Regards, 
Marcelo and Marcia