Our very biased opinion is that Zac is the best looking and best behaved Weimaraner pup in the whole, wide world! Lol!

He is just the most adorable little man! Soppy and super affectionate, just loves a cuddle! Don't know how that will pan out when he's fully grown mind you.

He and Casey (Chihuahua) are getting on quite well, a fair bit of rough and tumble but she puts him in his place if he bites a bit hard and she doesn't even mind him using her bed as a day bed. So happy with that!

There's a fair bit of scitzo thrown in the mix as well, runs around like a dog possessed sometimes but on the whole he is so well adjusted. He even tolerates the noisy grandsons most times, otherwise he finds a quiet spot.

We couldn't be happier! He is a credit to you both, Jim and Daniel, and I'm certain all the other eight new owners of this litter would be equally as happy with their puppies.

Went to his new home in Tamworth on 6/11/2016.


Mr Zac owned by Ingrid and Chris. 

Mr Zac owned by Ingrid and Chris. Tamworth